Judges Briefing for Skills Test Video Events

  1. There must be exactly 15 unique sign numbers used with no duplicates. Thus the same sign number with the dog performing the behavior on a different side would not count as a unique sign. Sign 32 Bow must be included as one of the 15.
  2. The judge needs to know what sign you are intending to perform. The sign could be held up to the judge before the behavior is started or upright on the floor and visible to the judge. An alternative is to put captions on the video that do not obstruct the view of the dog or handler. The signs may be printed from the Rally-FrEe site.
  3. The video camera should be positioned so both the dog and handler’s full bodies are visible for the entire behavior execution including start and end positions.
  4. You may video indoors or outdoors. The area shown on video, your working area, should be clear of toys, treat containers, other dogs or people, and provide enough space that furniture or other household items do not appear to act as guides or aids.
  5. Performance of all signs may be in sequence with a single un-edited video or may be videoed as individual clips and then edited together. You will be uploading a single video for judging.
  6. Handlers may perform the behaviors in a stationary position as if they have already approached the sign, or they may opt to walk a few steps before and/or after performance as if approaching and leaving the station.
  7. If using music during the recording of your skills tests, ensure that your cues can be heard over the music. If you over-lay music onto your video, be sure that the video sound is louder than the music so the over-lay of music does not prevent the judge from hearing your cues.
  8. Be sure to check your pockets for food or toys. These reinforcers are not allowed during the skills test. Training aids are also not allowed during performance of the test, including clickers or targets. You may reward after the execution of each skill.
How to Submit your Video URL for Scoring
  1. Log into your member account from the home page top navigation bar Go to "my account"
  2. Click on the "events" tab Under events entered see the event you entered, and click on "details" Your entry will pop up and you will see a box there that says "video URL link"
  3. Paste the video link (URL) where your video may be judged there and click update. You will then receive a confirmation by e mail. If you do not receive confirmation, e mail us at info@rallyfree.com

Good Luck! Have fun with your dog.