Judges Briefing for RFE Musical Freestyle Video Events

  1. Remember to do a sound check before starting the routine. The judge has to be able to clearly hear the music on the video, and that verbal cues are not distractingly loud.
  2. It is advisable that you do a test video upload for YouTube to ensure that the music you have chosen will not be blocked. While this is rare, this action by YouTube, due to some copyright rules, blocks out all sound and the judge is then unable to hear praise as part of teamwork, or whether cues are repeated or missed. One option is to post a test video with your music to YouTube or the site you intend to use before recording your performance video.
  3. The performance area should be identified by some kind of physical marking. The judge needs to be able to determine the amount of ring space used and if the dog or handler leave the ring before the end of the performance.
  4. Be sure to check your pockets for food or toys. These reinforcers are not allowed in the performance ring, with the exception of the Provisional and Non-Titling classes.
  5. If your costuming is detailed or difficult to see from the distance of the camera, you may insert a photo or video a few seconds of yourself with your dog, prior to your performance. While your performance may not be edited, you may insert a "costume view" into the beginning of your video, before the start of your performance. This will ensure that you receive deserved costume credit.
  6. Please show setting up your props to ensure that you do not go over the 1 minute time limit. This is to maintain an appropriate amount of props. You may set up the props yourself or you may assign someone to set up the props for you. Only one person may set up props.
  7. If you are performing on leash, remember that leashes may not be used to manipulate the dog or restrict the dog's movement in the form of a tight leash. The use of a tight leash will result in a lower score in Content and Execution as well as Engagement and Teamwork. The handler should only drop the leash while the dog passes through the handler's legs or where the length of the leash does not allow the dog to perform the intended behavior comfortably.
  8. The videographer should be positioned so as to capture the team’s entire performance. Using the zoom lens will allow the judge to get a better view of performance while still maintaining a distance from the team.
  9. Start the video recording slightly before the performance starts and let the recording continue a short while after the performance ends, capturing some of the after performance celebration is just fine.
How to Submit your Video URL for Scoring
  1. Log into your member account from the home page top navigation bar Go to "my account"
  2. Click on the "events" tab Under events entered see the event you entered, and click on "details" Your entry will pop up and you will see a box there that says "video URL link"
  3. Paste the video link (URL) where your video may be judged there and click update. You will then receive a confirmation by e mail. If you do not receive confirmation, e mail us at info@rallyfree.com

Good Luck! Have fun with your dog.